DONATE TO THE SANI-PANTY FOR GIRLS OUTREACH: According to the Oxford university and other studies. Did you know that thousands of underprivileged young girls drop out of school every year in South Africa when they reach menstrual age? As they cannot afford sanitary pads. Do your part by donating towards pad injustice abolishment. With each R300 raised, 2 girls get free sanitary fleece cloth pads. That last for 3 years. Do your part in restoring dignity and dreams of our youth TODAY!

 “ SPEND OVER R2000 and PLANT A FRUIT TREEA: A sustainable business model& Giving back is very important to us. We are nothing without our customers and the communities that sustain our work. That’s why we and the city of Ekuruleni pledged to plant a fruit tree in the township with every R2000+ spent.”